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Dumb Music (2022)

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  • Dumb Music (2022)

Author: Alex Antiuk

Cover Artwork: William Grob
Interior Artwork: Jacques Poluleuligaga

“Dumb Music picks at the scabs of life with a dirty, broken fingernail. A chemically imbalanced blend of humor, sadness, and heart. Alex Antiuk is a fine writer.”
—Alan ten-Hoeve, author of Notes from a Wood-Paneled Basement

In his first published collection of short stories, Alex Antiuk explores happy-go-lucky characters who are lost between worlds, often without knowing it. The streets of the city take the background of his thirteen succinct stories, that centre instead on share-house bathrooms, back alley dumpsters and the backseat of cars. His honest and open prose present snapshots into a lived-in world—where home is transitory, and relationships are either lifeboats or another awaiting wave of turbulence.

Details: UK A Format (Pocket Sized)

178 x 111mm, 7 x 4.3", 79 pages)


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Includes 13 short stories including ‘Twirling’


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