One False Step (2023)

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  • One False Step (2023)

"One of the most talented writers out there in today's world of books." - Sam Millar

Clay’s wandering eye has finally landed him in trouble. After a devastating accident that leaves him confined to a wheelchair, his many conquests are all he has left. He’s spent his life cheating on his wife, and now when he needs her most, will their relationship remain as is? In this gritty and darkly humorous novel, Mark SaFranko upends a power dynamic of a marriage, delving into themes of dominance and retribution. With his trademark biting wit and edgy New York style, SaFranko delivers a shocking and unforgettable tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Author: Mark SaFranko

Details: Print (U.S Pocket Book, 243 pages)


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