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Run the Bead (2023)

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  • Run the Bead (2023)

Author: Dustin Cole
Cover Artist: Tristan Unrau

When shipyard welder Ward Browne loses a close family member, and conflicts in the workplace reach an impasse, he decides to break out of his day-to-day routine and embrace the unknown. But Ward’s attempt to resolve matters at work through his labor union triggers an unlikely sequence of events, entangling him in the lives of Dave Crawford, a cynical and depressed RCMP officer, and Guvinda Bedi, a longshoreman and ex-commando with intensive combat experience in Afghanistan, who takes on intimidation jobs for labor unions to renew that lost rush of the battle space.

It’s the COVID-19 Second Wave, decorations are up yet Christmas is all but canceled, and nobody can agree on anything as Ward, Dave and Guvinda are drawn into a colossus of destiny populated by a memorable cast of supporting characters. Beginning in North Vancouver, events are gradually pulled up through interior British Columbia and along its coastline to an unpredictable climax and denouement.

Run the Bead combines literature of memory, the crime genre, science fiction, military combat narratives and the road movie. Both specialized and down to earth, it is by turns comical, tender and brutal, ranging from funeral preparations to action sequences to moments of quiet lyricism. Its scale is complimented by a depth and latitude in dreams, memories and grief, breaking news, conspiracy theories and the creative act. The workplace does duty as a generator of story while the effects of loss radiate through a troubled world. Fans of Graham Greene, Fred Dibnah, Flann O’Brien and the Coen Brothers are sure to enjoy this singular book.

Details: Print (B Format, 433 pages)


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