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  • Soyos Book Bundle
  • Soyos Book Bundle

Don’t be such a coward. Dive in headfirst with Soyos Books' 6-book box set, featuring a collection of independent authors and literary fiction. Immerse yourself in diverse narratives that promise to ignite your imagination and challenge your perspective. A must-have for avid readers seeking a rich tapestry of storytelling in one compelling package.


‘ISLES’ a collective novel (2022)
Featuring: William J.A. Darlington, Gabriel ‘ArchAngel’ Ehijie, Thomas Heaphy, Thomas Huntington, Rachael Morrow, Zeb Rodgerson & Jay Wayward

Dumb Music (2022)
Author: Alex Antiuk

Authors: David Hay, Oliver Cocks

Death’s Kingdom (2023)
Author: Benedict Sangster

Run the Bead (2023):
Dustin Cole

Featuring: Abichaos, Alex Antiuk, Alicestfu, Art Stanton, Artificial Bliss, Bhanu Pratap, David Kuhnlein, EECMIT, Elise Sawell, Elytron Frass & [X], Helena Pantsis, Jesse Hilson, Joe Bielecki, Joshua Martin, Julio Aliseda, Kenji Siratori, Lucas Haynes, Maria Elena Montecinos, Matt Bechtold, Michael R. Colangelo, Michael Tichy, Neil Higgins, R.G Vasicek, R.J. Dent, Ro Mitchell, Sam Hollis, Sergio Hernandez Bernal, Snatch Wylden, Tatenda Simayo, Thomas Huntington, Zak Ferguson, Zaquira L.C


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